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Published January 26, 2013 by rebelpet

A long-distance D/s relationship is hard and I’ve been feeling worthless and lax lately. Sir has been understanding, perhaps too much. But then I read a blog post, (,) ¬† and it was quite sobering. My Sir chose me and although I may not understand why at times, to doubt his decision is doubting him, his wisdom and everything about him. That is a slap to my face which I obviously need. I trust him completely and I wasn’t intentionally doubting him, but myself. But still my actions had to have hurt him and I hate myself for causing him any pain after he has been so good to me and so understanding. I know that in the future, I shall be turning to that post as a reminder of my decision and¬†ultimately his decision.

Sir, I am truly sorry for my recent actions. How can I make it up to you?